Its essential that as we start to recover from COVID-19 the South Westminster Business Alliance will offer up as much support and guidance that is required across the membership. 

Working together in a collaborative way will significantly improve the success probability and speed of response for COVID-19,

KPI 1 - Meet with SPOC at each member company and agree our proposed recovery strategy and that our ultimate plan aligns with theirs and if not make adjustments to support them. 

KPI 2 - Seek out supply and demand opportunities across the member network in an attempt to help the most vulnerable in the membership. 


"Crucially, we must be working now for the recovery that is to come. Our business communities will need significant support when business starts to get back to normal, whenever this may be. 

BIDs and business partnerships are well placed to take a lead role in the campaign to support London’s recovery, working with partners to help stimulate growth, boost confidence and provide vital guidance and advice. Funds that would have been invested in events and programmes in the immediate months have already been held back and these will be ready to invest in a campaign to kick start the recovery. 

We stand ready to continue to be a great source of stability and continuity.  Custodians, a steady helping hand, a protector, an advocate and cheer-leader…BIDs have many roles and we carry each out with commitment and a passion for supporting enterprise and knowing that together we can be stronger. "

​​Ruth Duston, CEO