The purpose of this report is to update Katherine Fleming & Ruth Duston on the progress made by the Resilience Capacity Building Project Team – Phase 1 COVID-19 Recovery (Exit Lockdown) – involving all staff across all three BIDs (North Bank, Victoria and Victoria Westminster) as listed in fig1 below. 

This is the first phase delivery of the South Westminster Business Alliance Resilience Capacity building project. We are respecting the need to initially focus in on Recovery actions urgently in need of consideration as we have now received the 1st exit lockdown announcements by the UK Prime Minister on Sunday 10th May 2020. 



Resilience capacity building discussions have been in progress with the North Bank BID since Q4 2019. Matt Price (Business Resilience and Street Manager) identified a need to review and enhance the Business Continuity Managemet processes to be aligned with the ISO22301 business continuity management specification and ISO22313 business continuity management guidance. It was agreed to commission the support of Inform Tech Plus on the 29th March 2020 to carry out this programme review and upgrade. At that point all BIDs found themselves in lockdown, all staff where working from home and the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases had risen to 2,433. However due to the impact of COVID-19 causing lockdown an additional scope expansion was required.







Team (SMT)

Ruth Duston - CEO

Jacqueline Chambers - Director Public Affairs, Public Relations (SWBA), Deputy CEO (VBID, VWBID)

Katherine Fleming - Operations Director (SWBA), Director of Placemaking (Northbank)

Kate Hart - Communications Director

Niall Tipping - Director of Placemaking (VBID, VWBID)


Nicki Palmer

Anjana Shrestha


 Finance Director - TBC

Christine Westbrook - Assistant Accountant


Nicki Palmer - PA to CEO & Executive Manager (GDPR, HR, Procurement)

Mary Ward - Office Manager

Briony Golding - Team Administrator

Public Realm

Alison Gregory - Placemaking & Sustainability

David Beamont - Placemaking Project Manager

Elena Waite - Assistant Placemaking PM


Chloe Noakes - Events Manager


Jade Thomas - Communications & Marketing

Kiera Ryan - Marketing Manager


Security, Street Teams

Matt Price - Business Resilience & Street Teams

Chris Tsikolis - Head of Security & Business Resilience

Barry Cast - On Street Teams Manager


Rebecca Brooks - CSR

Emily Sherley-Dale - Economic Development Executive

Fig1. All Staff

Office Management / Admin 
Street Cleaner
Public Realm

Fig2. Functional Map


Fig3. Project Update

COVID 19 RECOVERY STRATEGY - By Wednesday 20th - Contribution to SWBA Recovery Given

As the SWBA we have all now REACTED to the shock of pandemic and we are now trying to RECOVER. We have now held interviews with all staff excluding the CEO and COO and our primary goal will be to list all primary risks identified and related mitigations in priority order as suggested by all teams identified in the functional map in Fig2. 

If you look at the week 1 project update above points 1 and 2 cover this assessment and reporting requirement to react to the urgent needs of COVID-19 and are highlighted in red. 

risk mit.png

Fig4. COVID-19 Risks & Functional Mitigations


As we now approach the 1st July when we expect restaurants and hospitality suppliers to open across the city its essential that SWBA not forget that COVID-19 is just one of many potential shocks and stresses the business and members across the SWBA may by impacted by. 

Once the input to the COVID-19 Recovery Strategy is complete, the Resilience Capacity Building team for SWBA headed up by Katherine Fleming will begin the upgrade to make this programme effective and to do the right thing for the SWBA. The team will be coordinated by the Primary Business Continuity Coordinator Matt Price and Secondary Business Continuity Coordinator Chris Tisokilis with advisory support from Peter Joyce. 

The proposed timeline and outputs will be as follows:

By 29th May
By 5th June
By 29th May
By 19th June
By 12th June


We Are Now At The Peak But Not Yet On Our Way Down

The followimg graph illustrates the exponential growth of COVID-19 cases reported in the UK. On January 31, 2020, the first two cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United Kingdom (UK) were confirmed in Newcastle upon Tyne. The number of cases in the UK has since risen to 194,990, with 4,406 new cases reported on May 5, 2020. 


Number Of COVID Cases Start To Since 31s Jan to 7th May 


In her recent statement the CEO of the South Westminster Business Alliance made reference to the Dunkirk Spirit. 

Whilst planning this campaign in WW2, Churchill called his Admiral and asked for a campaign to rally as many private boats over 30ft long to save British troops from the beaches of Dunkirk and the guaranteed death under fire of German machine guns and air attacks. 


 As he Admiral agreed to the task at hand Churchill asked him to pause before handing up. He said "We need a name". Every good campaign is given a name to unite all around that common goal.

In the case of Dunkirk the mission was called "Dynamo".

We as the UK and the World now face a new war against COVID-19 and as such a name needs to be given to our Mission to establish a COVID-19 Lockdown Strategy for the South Westminster Business Alliance staff and two sample levy paying clients. 

The name given to this campaign is "Rise and Shine".


The South Westminster Business Alliance whilst aligning to the roadmap set out by the Prime Minister has the main strategic objectives:

KPI 1 - Recovery London Based Post COVID-19 Lockdown Office Working Arrangements & Define Flexible Working 

KPI 2 - Establish A Unified South Westminster Business Alliance Work @ Home Policy & Procedure

KPI 3 - Establish A South Westminster Business Alliance Safe Working Environment In Line With COVID-19 Guidance

KPI 4 - Establish South Westminster Business Alliance Transport Policy & Procedure 

KPI 5 - Establish South Westminster Business Alliance Information Security Policy & Procedure


KPI 6 - Establish a "Rise & Shine" Awareness Communication Strategy (Jacqui & Kate) 

KPI 7 - Establish Project "Safety Net" To Proactively Seek Out And Help Vulnerable Businesses

KPI 8 - Establish A South Westminster Resilience Capacity Building Innovation Forum To Seek Out New Ideas 

KPI 9 - Help Businesses Understand How They Can Change Their Business Models Post COVID

KPI 10 - Carry Out A Vulnerability Self Assessment Across Staff and Levy Payers 

KPI 11 - Establish close partnerships across London, including local authorities, the Met Police, MPs, the GLA and many others to coordinate a response to support communities

KPI 12 - Establish Plans To Prepare For Other Risks Including A Potential Second Wave

KPI 13 - Define "New Normal" for all South Westminster Business Alliance Staff & 2 Example Levy Payers

KPI 14 - Offer Up A Business Support "Life Line" To Those In Need & Seek Out Share Opportunities Across The BIDS

KPI 15 - Offer Up Support to UK plc To Coordinate The 1st UK Mainland Trial Of the NHSx Track & Trace APP

KPI 16 - Proactively work with partners to help stimulate growth, boost confidence and provide vital guidance and advice to levy paying businesses

KPI 17 - Propose the "Rise & Shine" campaign to kick start the recovery (Kate & Jacqui)

KPI 18 - Policy and Plan for utilisation of Ambassadors to support people entering the area with sanitiser and PPE

KPI 19 - Run survey to establish the top 10 wants of the members 

KPI 20 - Reassure workers to return with comms and PR on cleaning efforts and Ambassador support 

KPI 21 - Showcase vulnerable members to highlight challenges they face and solutions being considered to share 

KPI 22 - Centralise all contacts across all BIDs into one South Westminster Business Alliance 'Contacts" relational database. 

KPI 23 - Run survey to establish feelings across members and what they expect from the BID

KPI 24 - Identify risks such as single point of failure exposure with The Welcome Company & facilities for support staff at SSH

KPI 25 - Policy and process to run events online to promote the vulnerable businesses across the community. 


The key considerations of the PM's speech are:

1. Anyone who cannot work from home should be encouraged to work (Ambassadors, Cleaners & Security) 

2. As staff need to avoid public transport we need to support people coming by Car (Car Parking), Cycle (Store) & Walking (Time)

3. Make SH & QEII COVID- SECURE in line with UK GOV guidance

4. As of Wed 13th May all staff encouraged to take more exercise (unlimited) to support wellbeing

5.  Staff encouraged to sit in parks with family who share homes on weekends. 

6. INNOVATION IDEA - Pods in the park with WIFI

7. Establish social distancing policy and procedure at work and negative outcomes for those who break rules. 

8. Encourage all 1000 levy payers to use NHSx 

9. June 1st support shops who start to re-open

10. June 1st support mothers or fathers back into when primary children return. 

11. Share guidance for schools, shops and transport once available 

12. Work with members of the hospitality industry levy payers to agree plan for recovery in the 1st week of July (La Roche Case Study)

13. Rise & Shine concerts in St James Park to celebrate the rebirth of the South Westminster Business Alliance in July as public spaces open up to more people and social distancing still respected and planned for. (Ref VE celebrations) 

14. Make all staff and levy payers aware of the risk of quarantine if they travel outside the UK and are inbound (Need to check on people leaving the UK?)  


Establish date and invite all staff to attend COVID-19 Recovery desktop exercise. 


Remedial actions to ensure plans are effective and proven.